Wind Propulsion

"Sail, the historic implement of world exploration, has within itself many new horizons that beckon for pursuit, but you have to be willing to venture past charted waters."- Gary Hoyt

Today we will discuss about a dutch based company called Econowind

    Econowind is a company based in the Netherlands and was established in 2018. They are dedicated to developing wind assisted propulsion. The product is a modular unit (a 40ft container) with "vertical wing" coming out of it. Once the unit is installed on top of ships it allows for fuel reduction. How cool is that ! In addition, they created a proof-of-concept (pictures below) and results were fairly good for a start. 

    This business doesn't simply have the goal of looking into the next few years or so. No, they are dedicated to a longterm change, and will hopefully help bigger container ships reduce fuel consumption by 2050. Great ambition guys! 

    The modular unit installed on top of the ship contains 2 "airplane" looking wings. They are called : sunction wings. The simplified explanation of the concept is : once the wing captures wind it creates thrust. In other words, once the wind is captured it is transferred right on to the deck helping with the propulsion of the vessel and thus giving the ability to reduce engine speed. In addition, the wings can rotate and are foldable which is pretty convenient for adapting to wind and weather conditions. 

    With the prototype test, the fuel savings they've noted was a drop between 7% and 11%. Again fairly good results!


Proof-of-concept :

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